Thomas is a natural energy healer who practices cartomancy, rune casting, and psychometry.  He has been practicing energy healing since he stumbled upon his method at the age of 8 while playing on the schoolyard playground.

Forms of reading

Psychometry is the art of reaching into the leftover energies that have imprinted upon an object that is of importance or has been consistently exposed to the energies of a person.

Cartomancy is divination using cards as a medium. Thomas uses a variety of decks including tarot, lenormand, and oracle decks either in tandem with each other or individually to give querents a comprehensive reading experience.

Energy Detangling

Thomas discovered at a young age that he  has a talent for a unique form of energy healing in which he visualizes the energetic form of a person as a body composed of threads and chords which he can then use to find anomalies such as knots and frayed ends or bleaching in the color of the threads and then correct the anomalies. This healing generally manifests as relief from crossings and spiritual wounds.






A straightforward, intuitive and empathetic Sensitive, Susanna has been using her gifts to provide clarity and insight since 2006.

Using several modalities such as crystal ball scrying, oracle cards and crystals, Susanna’s readings are illuminating and perceptive.

Originally from the Southeastern United States, Susanna has happily called Texas her home since 2002.







Spiritual Intuitive Guide

Yve offers powerful and in-depth processes to bring clarity, direction and momentum to your goals and dreams. Great for individuals and groups!

Yve’s sessions include individually and in combination: divination with tarot & pendulum, many hypnosis techniques (past life, future life, connection with guides and more), intuitive coaching, & healing.  Discover what is really standing in your way of achieving the life you deserve. 

Yve will guide and facilitate your empowerment and move you toward what you intuitively know is best for you by delving into your inner knowing and wisdom and your subconscious mind. She facilitates inner exploration to reveal the discovery of solutions, actions and possibilities to all of life’s challenging experiences by pulling out important information and triggering insights. Perfect and amazing for perceptive, creative, intuitive, receptive, and proactive people. This process is for you if you are ready to participate in the creation of your life, take responsibility for your choices and actions, and to reclaim your personal power.  Address life’s challenging experiences: relationship, career, living situation, health, finances, and more!

 Yve has background in psychology and is a certified hypnosis practitioner, a certified professional coach, a health coach & behavior change specialist, intuitive guide, meditation guide, qigong instructor and qi-healer. 


A natural empath and medium with lifelong magical leanings, Susan learned the wonders of divination and healing arts at a young age. Today, she continues to pour heart and soul into intuitive Tarot and oracle readings and energy healing, blending both with a friendly warmth that comes naturally for this Houston native.

When she’s not sharing her talents with friends, family, and clients, she assists with stocking at Pixie's, and learns as much as she can about healing and magical arts. She’s also a writer, editor, crafter, and artist, an advocate for disabled and chronically ill people, a migraineur, a crazy cat lady, and that weirdo who loves jury duty.