Pixie Parties

We have been developing a great team of talented practitioners of many arts. WE believe in our readers readings, we have decided to expand our services and make our team available to you for your corporate, public, or private events. We now offer Yoga Parties, Tai-Chi Parties and Pilates Parties as well through our Holistic Education Center. Pixie Parties has the right service for your home or holiday party. Tarot card readers, numerologist, astrologist, and many other custom classes you can pick and choose what will work for you and yours this holiday season, and if not this season we have plenty of things to do in the spring as well, call today!

Readings and Other Divinations

Our readers offer an successful experience, positive outcomes, and a divination/respectful understanding of Tarot communications. We are integrated into the Houston, TX spiritual community and are growing our following exponentially, state and sometimes nationwide. Our Readers believe in the Tarot as a tool of empowerment and transformation and will work with clients to find open paths that will assist in avoiding obstacles and alternative solutions towards success.

Pet Psychic

Communication with our pets can be difficult, our pet psychic affiliates offer some ease of mind and peace of heart when times are good and also equally in troubling times. Our pets are that extension of our family, our talented communicators are experienced with the energy of our four legged friends to convey the message back to you. WE are also offering Reiki, cleansings, pet yoga, in addition to our mediumship and pet psychic features. Contact us today for a free consultation to see what package might work best for your situation.


The Body as well as the mind needs to be healed. We have solutions for many of life's issues but they are all found within you. You are the key, you have and always will be, we simply unleash and clear the path for you to see the path correctly and as you should see. Reiki is one of our methods that the staff utilizes, there are many other methods to clear and repair your energy, and your physical energy. Aligning your Chakras is crucial to every day activities to be completed with a clear mind and a clear energetic path. 


Whether it is your spirit, your home, your job, your car or even your children, cleansings will help clear the path. Your spirit can get clogged with just the day to day lifestyle that we all endure, Cleansings assist in seeing the way to your success. 

Herb Education

Herbs play a role in our life everyday, from tea to dinner we have the knowledge so that you can choose the herbs that are right for you and for your situation. Herbs are truly the spice of life and can give you direction just by being in your presence. 


Life's hustle and bustle does always take its toll, sometimes what we need is just a recharge/refocus so that we can clear our mind and stay focused on the task at hand. We have the practitioners that can walk you through the mental journey to achieve. 

Oil Blending

Oil mixes are the pure essence of what surrounds us, the concept of mixing the oils that are appropriate to us is magic. We assist in combining the touch, smell, and results that the combinations of oil, herbs, meditations and all the combined energies will bring you.

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