About Us

We are a metaphysical shop located in Houston, TX at 2727 Fondren Suite 5B. We have many tools, resources, antiquities, but outside of the people, there are books, renaissance costumes, and all sorts of variety for you to peruse.

Jewel Canche' Owner of Pixie's Intent

Pixie’s Intent is a highly regarded specialty store offering supplies, books, gifts, education, intuitive readings, and events to Houston’s pagan and metaphysical community. Established in 2011, the shop reflects our city’s world-renowned diversity, offering a warm welcome to people of numerous ethnic backgrounds and spiritual paths.

A journey through Pixie’s Intent yields many provisions for magical workings, devotional practices, home blessing and more, along with guidance for beginners and experts alike. Nestled at the edge of a quiet shopping center in one of Houston’s busiest districts, the cozy, intimate location is ever-growing, making it a sought-after venue for a broad range of courses and events. Experts from around the world honor the location as an ideal place to share their knowledge in areas including:

  • Wellness: yoga, tai chi, meditation, nutrition, energy healing
  • Spirituality: paganism, witchcraft, Wicca, world traditions
  • Esoteric: astrology, Tarot, psychic development, palmistry, pendulum dowsing

As more and more Houstonians seek greater spiritual understanding, Pixie’s Intent is ready to welcome them to this magical corner of the city. We invite you to contact us and learn how we combine local hospitality with the wisdom of the ages to create an ideal setting for your next appearance.

About Us

We are a metaphysical shop that has made the concept of metaphysics ........ simple. WE understand the complexities that the universe tends to offer you and we also understand the necessary tools to combat and assist in these types of productive growths and strengths.