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Come in to discover new things, far and near, old and young, different but the same. Explore. Pixie's has all the tools, gifts, guidance, and fun that you will need to help you get through your day, week, month or life. The team at Pixie's Intent is knowledgeable and experienced to direct you where you need to go. Everyone has a different purpose, need, focus, dead weight that we all need help with Pixie's is one of the places that you can seek refuge and get one heck of an education in yourself and the energy around you.

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Products and Tools

Pixie's Intent has several tools and products to assist you on your journey/quest towards your goals. They help you to find out who you are and who should be attracted to you and you to them. The tools will guide you and lead you to what you need to be and what you need to get there. The time is now, NOW is always the time to improve yourself, come to Pixie's Intent now to learn and know who you are, I think you will be very surprised when you find yourself and it is nowhere near who you thought it was.........

Always Something Going On.....

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Pixie's Intent is full of events, activities, classes, festivals and so much more. When you get on the Pixie's Intents mailing list you will always be kept up to date with what is going on within the community for whatever your interests may be. PIxie's Intent has a great gift selection as well as the right tools for the right job to give your spirity the healthiness it needs to fit in with the rest of your daily activities for life in our universe. 

News and Events

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Like every community there is always something going on.....PIxie's Intent is not any different! WE beleive in keeping the communities events alive and active with plenty of group participation. When we get together at Pixies Intent it is always like family, we have vendors that have been participating for years as well as new vendors that offer new and more intuitave services for you and for all of us in our community. 

We are waiting to answer your questions.....

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Most of the time we have people that visit us that have no idea what they are looking for but they have the intuition and the wisdom to seek it out....Pixie's Intent is here for this reason. Come and visit us and see what the wonders of your self are while exploring the worlds spirituality and seeing the common interests as well as common facts about the spiritual world within you and surrounding you. 

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WE hope you experience.....

WE hope you experience what you set out to find, and if not that you have a sense of direction on how to do so. Our shop is focused on providing you the resources to be able to see, understand and ultimately appreciate what the wonderful universe has to offer. If you have any questions, concerns or issues that is within our realm to do so, we promise we will and that we will do our best to ........ Make Metaphysics Simple. 

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