Je'Suis - $11.11 for 2 oz

Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced  system is vital to our livelihood & soul essence. When a Chakra Energy Center is out-of-balance, we develop DISEASE. We find ourselves suffering with inflammatory related illnesses such as chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, chronic cold or hot, gastro-intestinal issues, cancer, and the list goes on ... Along with all these physical health issues also comes emotional & mental illness. All it takes is ONE small change like adding a cup of warm Charka Balancing Herbal Tea to your daily routine, preferrably after a meal to aide digestion. Can't you just see yourself enjoying a refreshing & comforting drink that nourishes you from the inside out? Now, can you imagine how that pleasant feeling of taking a slight moment to love yourself? That's all that is needed to propel yourself onto a healthier journey, a more mindful journey. Blessed Be!

Major Allergens: dandelion & rosemary

"This food is made in a home kitchen and is not insepcted by the State Department of Health Services or a local health department."