Learning is Power and the start is in the Community

WE have come to the point in the community and in the timeline to begin creating the Network of people to begin educating one another....do you wish to learn and grow with us? As a spiritual being aware or unaware our conciousness is still ever present, we awaken the sleeping concious and educate the unaware side to enable you with your own individual purpose. These classes, books, people and overall community will assist you in getting where you want, how you want, in the best fashion for your own self described needs. Welcome to Pixie's Intent. 

Spiritual Paths - Which one is right?


Let’s start by defining what we mean when we say, ‘your path’. We all know there are several religions out there in this wonderfully eclectic world from which we may choose to serve and follow. Some people choose to adhere strictly to their religious bylaws, while others practice their beliefs a bit more loosely. We also know there are many people who are indifferent to religious beliefs or simply choose not to be a part of any spiritual doctrine whatsoever. What the heck do all these people have to do with finding your path, you say? Well, these examples serve to demonstrate that we all have the power to choose what path we take within this lifetime.

Finding your own path is like finding your truth. Your truth is sacred and right for you. It is something only you can find for yourself and no one has the right or ability to take that from you. Your truth may not be the same as your friends’ or families’ truth—and that is perfectly okay! Understand that there are many roads we can take to reach the same destination. Know that you are not alone! The key is to follow what you inherently know, and feel is right for you.

Oftentimes, people come to us seeking for help and guidance. Several of those instances we are asked questions like, “What should I do,” “What is the right way to ____,” and “Which is the best _____?”. The reality is that there is no right or wrong answer to these questions. We cannot tell you what is best for you. We can only serve as a guide for you to find your path.

Still not sure what to do? Here are a few pointers to help you along the way:

  • Stay true to yourself
  • Do your research—education is key
  • Every experience is a learning opportunity
  • Have fun—don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Meditate
  • Let the universe guide you
  • Experiment & keep yourself open to new experiences
  • Connect with the community

Pixie’s Intent focuses on being a cohesive force that unites the community and brings everyone together. we respect and welcome everyone from all walks of life regardless of age, sex, gender, creed, nationality. We want you to feel at home and know that you are welcome! If you have any questions or would like to bring your own input to us, please feel free to email us at: njewelc@comcast.net or call at 832-


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Rocks, stones, crystals, gemstones, minerals, whatever you choose to call them—they’re everywhere! They can add a touch of flare to our living space, make great conversation pieces or even annoy us when they get in our shoe…but why are they?


Spiritualists from all walks of life have been working with stones for ages and continue to do so to this very day. It is widely believed that each stone or crystal imbues the user with the respective energetic properties of the minerals and colors that make up that stone. Sometimes, even the shape, mythology, location of a particular type of stone, and the way in which said stone was made plays a part in the metaphysical attributes we ascribe to them today. The cohesive (stone-specific) blend of all the properties that constitute a stone are what we refer to as the energy of a stone. So, as one may imagine, there are countless different types of energies we can draw from stones. Some of the more common uses for stones (amongst their vast applications) involve healing, protection and personal growth.


With so many different stones at our disposal, how do we find the right one? The answer is not as complicated as you may be led to believe. There are quite a few ways to go about it, but we’ll show you the most common methods we use to guide our customers with here, at Pixie’s Intent.


The first method is to ask yourself if there is a type of stone (or even color) that has been calling to you lately. If there is, then you may proceed to look for that specific type of stone or stones of that color. As you search, take note of the stones that catch your eye. You may pick them up and play with them to feel how they interact with your energy and if they are a right fit for you. If you find a stone you can’t quite put down, that’s usually rock speak for ‘”Take me with you!”


The second way is only different from the first way we’ve shown you in that you don’t have a particular color or stone in mind. You simply search based on your intuition or what calls to you. You will just know when you’ve found it. You might feel a strong connection to the stone, a warmness emanating from the stone or it might simply induce a positive emotion from you. Everyone finds their ‘aha moment’ differently, but you’ll definitely know when it hits.


There are many books and websites available for us to find the meanings and uses of any given stone. Google is our friend in this arena! Do not be afraid to research what you are looking for or already have. A fun fact about stones that call to you is that if you look them up, you’ll find that their properties match exactly what you need at the moment they are calling to you.


Ready to work with stones? Come see us at Pixie’s Intent to search and play with our vast collection of stones, today!


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The FDA mandates the following disclaimer for all herbal remedies and information:
"Natural remedies, such as herbs, are not a substitute for professional medical treatment. We are not qualified to answer medical, behavioral or health related questions. We recommend that you review the information on alternative medical therapies and consult with your doctor or other medical professional before making any decision regarding their use in your medical treatment."

Herbs have always been around, since the beginning, we as humans as well as the naturally instinctive behaviors of animals, we have all learned instinctively to optimize organic and natural herbs to sustain our every day living.....for strength, meditation, mutrition, healing, and so much more.Herbs benefit all of mankind even in todays world, herbalists know, and understand that herbs are a central part of our existence and are working to prove it. The use of herbs in rituals, and all spritiual traditions have a basis using herbs and other natural products by all of mankind, including the main ingredients of witches, warlocks and some very talented chefs. Keeping herbs natural is a focus of Pixie's Intent, to keep the information honest, and to maintain the integrity of natures intent. Come and see the selection and the fantastic knowledge the staff at Pixies intent possesses. Call us today at 832- or stop by today 2727 Fondren Suite 5B in Houston, TX 77063.


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Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of circumstances and events in the past, present and future that are not apparent in the physical world. In the Voodoo religion, this information is sought from the Loa (Holy Spirit) by the priest or priestess whose training and experience qualifies him/her to possess such access. The success of a priest or priestess in addressing all manner of difficulty is the direct result of the fact that all difficulties and imbalances have a spiritual component which can only be comprehended from a spiritual perspective. By first seeking guidance through divination, the root causes of the problem can be known and addressed through the intervention of the Loa/Holy Spirit. This is what sets African-based religion apart from other more “modern” approaches to problem solving and accounts for its apparent “miracles.”

As people look for alternative approaches for wellness and healing, they look to African religion and spirituality with increasing frequency. African religion provides a way of healing of mind, body and spirit through divination, herbal baths, spiritual medicines and soaps.  Divination reveals the true causes of the physical illness (that may not be physical) and indicates what the correct treatment should be. Divination does not rule out the use of modern medicine and often works well with some medical procedures or treatments as it brings upliftment to the Spirit.