Why Reiki?... Reiki assists all that have chronic pain, that are sick, depressed, especially those that need calming and relaxation like people with blood pressure issues. Reiki is recognized as an alternative medicine / Holistic Healing, and is affordable for all practical purposes. Fae is a certified level 2  Reiki Master with 6 years of experience and practice with us and looking forward to many more. 

Fae's Reiki * Yoga * Metaphysics

Fae's technique even with just the first session will give you a sense of calmness, provide you with the focus and relaxation that you ned. The residual effects outside of the positive healing is a continuing feeling of calm and a sense of cleaner energy.  Fae performs her Reiki techniques because of how well she knows and has experienced what the science of Reiki has done for her. The experience for Fae is a release of energy, emotional energy for her clients. 

Fae takes appointments by phone, or facetime as well and is available Monday, Wednesday or Friday evenings and most Sunday Afternoons until 3pm...(on most Sundays). The experience will include a meditative state, an energy scan, aromatherapy, a clearing of energy flow that you will remember. 

  • Relaxing
  • Focus
  • Positivity
  • Continuing feeling of Healing

LáNessa Faye Witherspoon, M.Ed - “5th generation Holy Rolling Southern Baptist farm girl turns Witch and Healer”

LáNessa (a.k.a., “Fae”), a Texas native, has deep country roots connected with Nature and considers herself a Child of Nature ...  a reincarnated soul that somehow, for some reason, decided to surprise a religiously pious family with her presence. And so it was. She evolved as a seeker of deeper Truth. Her Church was the 600 acre family farm she grew-up on. Her grandmother and the Native American Spirits were here teachers. LáNessa graduated from Howard Payne University, a Southern Baptist University and Seminary, with a degree in English and Secondary Education -- despite being a teenage mother. After recovering from an auto accident that shattered her neck and left her partially paralyzed, LáNessa packed up and moved to Tucson, Arizona where she spent the next 13 years as an Alternative High School and Adult Education Teacher, Educational Program Coordinator, and an Assistant Principal. She also obtained her Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instructional Design/English & Language Arts and began pursuing an Applied Doctorate’s Degree in Curriculum Design. Upon returning to Texas, particularly East Texas, LáNessa eventually left her professional and career goals to pursue the academia that truly spoke to her soul, Metaphysics, via the avenues offered at Pixie’s Intent. LáNessa completed Wicca I, II, III, and IV at Pixie’s Intent with High Priestess, Christine Fusco and has since developed strong bonds with the Metaphysical Community. Before long, she was vending her products at events, learning about holistic healing, volunteering, learning how to manage her own chronic pain issues and high blood pressure, leading rituals, obtaining her Yoga Instructor Certification and her Reiki II Practitioner Certification, learning pendulum dowsing, and completing her first year in the Temple of Witchcraft. LáNessa is still a Temple of Witchcraft initiate, a student of Metaphysics, and owner of Fae’s Reiki, Yoga, & Metaphysics. She is currently in the process of developing an online store as well as creating online courses in the area of Metaphysics and Adult Education. Her Energy Healing style incorporates pendulum dowsing, yoga, herbal tea, tarot, and the guidance of Ascended Masters. A list of her services are listed below, and she can be reached through Fae’s Reiki, Yoga, & Metaphysics FaceBook page. As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without! Blessed Be!


Services & Prices:


Reiki/Energy Healing


30 minutes w/ free scan & consultation

  • Pixie’s Intent (request appointments through FB Messenger)
  • Pixie’s Intent Events (purchase $15 tickets through the shop)

Reiki/Energy DISTANCE Healing


30 minutes w/ free scan & consultation

  • Fae’s (request appointment through FB messenger)

Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga


60 minutes

  • Pixie’s Intent (pre-scheduled appointment required; request through FB Messenger)

Restorative & Therapeutic DISTANCE Yoga


60 minutes

  • Fae’s (request appointment through FB messenger)

Herbal Teas


2 oz

Herbal tea blends can be handcrafted upon request or from a consultation. Request special blends such as fertility, chakra balancing, love, empathy, meditation, pain, and so forth.